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JOSCAR Registered Supplier – Why does it matter?

JOSCAR, which stands for the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register, is a collaborative initiative used by leading aerospace, defence and security manufacturers to streamline supplier qualification and enhance the efficiency of their supply chains.

This risk management tool assesses potential vendor risks across relevant areas of compliance, allowing buyers to reduce the time, cost and duplication needed to provide this information. Participating buying organisations include Babcock, BAE Systems, Boeing, Leonardo, Rolls Royce and the UK Ministry of Defence.

Our JOSCAR journey

Cyclops Electronics joined JOSCAR in 2016, after being invited by one of our valued customers part of the JOSCAR participating organisations.

To achieve the JOSCAR registration, Cyclops Electronics underwent a thorough evaluation process, which includes assessments of our capabilities, competence and compliance with industry regulations. The assessment areas include quality, health and safety, counterfeit mitigation, environment and sustainability, import/export, business continuity, and licences and sanctions, just to name a few.

By being JOSCAR registered for over 7 consecutive years, we demonstrate our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality, reliability and integrity in all our operations. This registration provides assurance to our customers and prospects that we meet stringent criteria and have been deemed a trusted and reliable supplier.

Why should your independent electronic components supplier be JOSCAR registered?

Overall, selecting a JOSCAR registered supplier helps ensure that your organisation receives high-quality, compliant and reliable electronic components, while minimising risks and maintaining the integrity of your supply chain.

Enhanced supplier evaluation

JOSCAR registration indicates that the supplier has undergone a robust evaluation process, including assessments of their financial stability, quality management systems and adherence to industry standards.

Supply chain resilience

Being JOSCAR registered demonstrates that the supplier has put in place measures to effectively manage risks and disruptions in the supply chain. This includes having contingency plans, business continuity strategies and risk mitigation procedures, which are crucial for maintaining the continuity of supply in critical industries.

Compliance with regulatory standards

JOSCAR registration signifies that the supplier complies with relevant regulatory standards, such as cybersecurity regulations, export controls and counterfeit mitigation. It ensures that the electronic components provided by the supplier meet the necessary quality and regulatory requirements.

Cost and time efficiency

By choosing a JOSCAR registered supplier, you can streamline your procurement process. JOSCAR simplifies supplier selection and qualification, saving time and effort in conducting extensive due diligence. It also reduces the risk of working with unverified or unreliable suppliers, which can potentially lead to costly delays, rejections or non-compliance issues.

Industry collaboration and trust

JOSCAR registration fosters collaboration and trust within the aerospace, defence, and security industries. It promotes a network of approved suppliers that have been vetted and approved by industry leaders, increasing your confidence in their reliability and integrity.

Cyclops Electronics’ JOSCAR registration signifies our strong commitment to excellence and our ability to meet the specific requirements of the aerospace, defence and security sectors.

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