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Japan Earthquake: Assessing the Impact on Electronic Component Supply Chains

The recent earthquake in Japan’s Noto Peninsula has sent tremors through the global electronics industry, causing temporary shutdowns and raising concerns about potential disruptions in the supply chain.

Electronic components produced within 80 kilometres (High Impact Area) face the highest potential for disruption, while those further away are progressively less likely to be affected.

Manufacturers in the High Impact Grade Zone

This 80-kilometer zone encompasses several major companies whose operations could be directly affected.

  • Murata (Fixed Inductors / EMI Products)
  • Kemet (Tantalum Capacitors)
  • KOA Speer (Chip Resistors)
  • SUSUMU (Chip Resistors)

Evaluating the Ripple Effect

While the earthquake’s magnitude didn’t reach catastrophic levels, its epicentre near Ishikawa Prefecture placed several crucial wafer, MLCC, and semiconductor fabs under temporary pause for inspection. This includes industry giants like Shin-Etsu, GlobalWafers, and TAIYO YUDEN.

Although no major damage has been reported yet, the potential for production delays and component shortages has sent ripples through the supply chain. At Cyclops Electronics, we are closely monitoring the situation and actively working to minimise any potential impact to our customers.

Overcoming Allocation Challenges and Obsolescence

In an industry where allocation challenges and obsolescence are common hurdles, Cyclops Electronics stands out by offering swift and reliable solutions. Our expertise in sourcing electronic components that are difficult to find or obsolete ensures that your projects are never stalled due to supply chain disruptions.

Keeping the Production Lines Running

We understand the criticality of uninterrupted supply chains for our customers. As a global electronic component distributor specialising in shortage and hard-to-find electronic parts, we have the flexibility and experience to navigate turbulent markets.

While the Japanese earthquake’s overall impact on the semiconductor industry is likely to be minimal, this situation underscores the importance of a reliable partner who can navigate disruptions and ensure business continuity.

At Cyclops Electronics, we are committed to supporting our customers through challenging periods. Get in touch today on +44 1904 415 415 or email to discuss how we can support and safeguard your electronic component procurement strategy.

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