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No matter what you’re working on, if you need passive electronic components Cyclops Electronics is here to help.

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Cyclops Electronics has a huge stock of passive components, and can source them from all over the globe. Our stocklist has millions of lines including parts from Murata, TT Electronics, and Panasonic. To see our full stocklist click here.

Passive components, unlike their active counterparts, do not need energy to work. This means that they cannot gain or change the power in a circuit.

Passive components include:

  • Inductor
    • These components temporarily store energy to stop a current surge in a circuit, thereby protecting the other electronic components. It will then slowly release the energy back into the circuit.
  • Resistor
    • These components do exactly what the name suggests: they resist! They can limit the voltage or current flow in a circuit, and come in fixed or variable forms.
  • Transformer
    • These components can transform the voltage of a circuit. This is how it can be at a high level across a country’s network, but still be at safe levels within your house.
  • Capacitor
    • Capacitors can store and release energy. This can take place in cycles of charging and discharging. They can be used as an emergency power supply or to convert an alternating current into a direct current.

Both active and passive components are needed to build a complete circuit.

For more component information please refer to our beginner’s guide to electronic components.

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