Our One Year Quality Guarantee

When you purchase electronic components from Cyclops Electronics you are protected by our guarantee.

Whenever you make a purchase through Cyclops, you will be protected by our One-Year Quality Guarantee.

That means that if the parts we provide you with fail to meet manufacturer’s specification within twelve months, we will either replace the parts free-of-charge, no questions asked, or refund the original purchase price.

Our entire sourcing network is subjected to a set of strict quality standards, and this includes our own warehousing operations. Every part that passes through our office undergoes rigorous testing procedures, from visual inspections through to independent verification from specialist testing houses.

Delivery guarantee and order tracking

You are given a firm dispatch date with every order you place as well as access to our online tracking system so you can monitor the dispatch of your delivery. In addition, you can even request an e-mail every time a shipment is dispatched, with the delivery tracking number and delivery date. Consequently, this system enables you to track your goods in transit and keeps you informed and up to date at all times.

Quality-checked shipments

Every shipment is examined for quality by one of our highly qualified personnel. This is part of Cyclops Electronics’ ISO 9001:2015 Quality Approval (Cyclops has been approved to an industry standard since 1996). Your orders are carefully packed using shielded, conductive or vacuum-sealed packaging where necessary, so you get your parts in perfect condition. In addition, all our suppliers are constantly monitored, which means you receive the highest standard of quality. At Cyclops Electronics we believe that quality and attention to detail make all the difference, which is why quality is not just a word we use; it is a way of working that we embrace. The commitment to quality begins with ensuring our suppliers conform to our stringent quality processes, continues with our in-house quality checks, and extends right through to our Quality Guarantee. Expert sourcing through our global, quality-assured offices gives full traceability to ISO issue 9001: 2015 compliant standards. This combined with comprehensive testing services from X-Ray to full functional testing and the Cyclops Guarantee allows you to buy with complete confidence. For fast personal service phone us at +44 (0)1904 415415 or email sales@cyclops-electronics.com