Obsolete Components

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If you are trying to source obsolete components, Cyclops Electronics is here to help you on your search. We are specialists in obsolete electronic parts and can source electronic parts from all over the globe.

Thanks to worldwide offices and warehouses, including in the UK, China, and the USA, we can guarantee quick delivery times. We have hundreds of thousands of line items in our purpose-built facilities in York, and millions of lines globally.

The life cycle of an electronic component is as follows:

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Obsolete electronic components have reached a life cycle stage where they are no longer manufactured. As a result, over time these components will reduce in stock and will not be replenished.

In this scenario, the components will become harder to come by while demand may not die down. The staff at Cyclops are experts in locating these components for you.

Our dedicated team will go above and beyond to find you the electronic components you’re looking for, and if we can’t find them we will work equally as hard to find suitable replacements.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to make space in your warehouse and move old stock, we can help with that too.

Cyclops Excess, a member of the Cyclops Group, specialises in buying and selling excess and obsolete stock. If you need a quick cash injection into your business and need to shift old stock, contact Cyclops Excess today. Or, you can email hello@cyclopsxs.com

For all other enquires call Cyclops Electronics today on (+44) 01904 415 415. You can also email us at sales@cyclops-electronics.com, or use the rapid enquiry form on our website.

Obsolete Components

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