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Global Supply Services

Cyclops Electronics, sister company, Global Supply Services (GSS), can manage your supply chain, offer logistics solutions and procurement solutions.

With its innovative supply chain management and procurement services, GSS can save you time and money by reducing the total cost of your production.

GSS is a leading worldwide supplier of electronic, electrical, and electromechanical switches, relays, connectors, wire, cable, fasteners, terminals, accessories and and various other components.

Serving all kinds of customers, from small workshops through to global corporations, providing innovative supply chain management services to reduce our customers’ production costs and ultimately saving them revenue.

Over the last 20 years, GSS has formed long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with global companies in sectors including automotive, ATM, electrical products, EMS and many more.

Global Supply Supply Service

Services include:

  • Procurement
    • Managing a large volume of low-value component purchases that your organisation would look after daily.
  • Logistics
    • Managing the movement, warehouse and delivery of materials to keep your production lines and inventories running smoothly.
  • Supply
    • Seamless replenishing of your production lines, to a Just In Time, KanBan, Direct Feed, or customer basis.

To speak to a member of the GSS team, you can call (+44) 01904 436 488, or email web@global-supply-services.com