AMD invests in Ireland R&D

AMD plans to invest up to $135 million in Irish R&D over
the next four years.

Irish Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Simon
Coveney, announced the investment on June 21st, alongside Senior VP of Marketing, Communications and Human Resources, Ruth Cotter. The announcement was accompanied by a press release by American Advanced Micro Devices.

The investment is meant to fund strategic R&D projects,
add up to 290 highly-skilled engineering and research positions, and additional support roles. It will expand the R&D and engineering in its Dublin and Cork sites. It will be supported by the Irish government through IDA Ireland.

Coveney said he warmly welcomed the plans of
AMD, and said the investment would bolster the technology sector and create career opportunities.

R&D teams in Ireland will use the funding to design high
performance and adaptive computing engines. These will then be used to accelerate data centre, networking, 6G communications and embedded solutions.

Previously Xilinx, which was acquired by AMD in 2022,
partnered with IDA Ireland several times. In 2017 Xilinx announced an investment of $40 million for R&D, and to recruit more than 100 new skilled employees.

IDA (Industrial Development Agency) Ireland is the country’s
Foreign Direct Investment Agency. It has supported AMD and Xilinx for almost three decades.

The first semiconductor fabs were built in Ireland in 1976.
Analog Devices and Intel were some of the first companies to invest in the island. The first Irish AMD Xilinx facility was launched in 1994 and was the company’s first base of operations outside the US.

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