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Active electronics are components that produce or use power to function. Often, a component using a small amount of power will be able to control a larger volume of power.

The applications of active components are almost endless, as they feature in every electronics device out there. Some general uses include amplifiers, where the output is higher than the input, and as power sources, like batteries.

Some examples of active components are:

  • Voltage sources
    • and generators are voltage sources. Characteristically voltage sources have two terminals and can maintain a fixed voltage in a circuit.
  • Current sources
    • Maintains a constant no matter what the voltage across it.
  • Transistors
    • These three-terminal devices come in positive-negative-positive (PNP) or negative-positive-negative (NPN) layouts. Its purpose is to amplify current in a circuit. Types of transistor include the and the field effect transistor (FET).
  • Integrated Circuits (ICs)
    • Also known as a microchip, an IC is a unit that includes all of the passive and active components used to make a circuit. Historically these have been quite large, but as technology improves ICs have become almost microscopic in size.

Both active and passive components are needed to build a complete circuit.

For other component information please refer to our beginner’s guide to electronic components.

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