About us

The Business

When founder Daniel Yodaiken decided to establish his own business in 1990, Cyclops Electronics swiftly emerged as a particularly safe pair of hands in a fast paced, competitive and volatile electronic components market.

Over the next 30 years the business affirmed its reputation for quality and sourcing expertise. The pursuit of two key strategies propelled the business to broad acclaim:

Cyclops Van

The development of a vast stock holding inventory, namely excess stock.

Establishing innovative supply chains for obsolete, hard to find and shortage components

When customers initiate a product search, they are accessing the combined strength of both; stock held and stock accessible via our global network.

With product quality underpinning every aspect of the Business, it’s no wonder that Cyclops is a name firmly entrenched within the electronic components industry.

As the Business looks forward, the extraordinary events of recent years; a global pandemic and the resulting component shortages of unprecedented levels, political turmoil and conflict, have stretched, reshaped and redefined supply chains beyond all recognition.

Cyclops proudly serves its customer base with innovation, adaptivity of approach and vigour.

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